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Tea Reviews:
Tazo - Chai (Organic)

I've been drinking Tazo's Chai for a long time; only thing is, I'd been drinking the kind made from a concentrate.  So having it bagged was a new experience for me.

And a good one, at that.  I think the spice blend is somewhat different in the bags; there may be the same spices, but I'd say they're in different amounts.  (I was reminded of a gingerbread cookie, which I don't get from the concentrate.)  And honestly, I really like it this way.  It's not quite as sharp as the concentrate is; the spices don't burn my throat or mouth, but there's still definitely a good spicy flavor.

As usual for me, this spiced tea gets milk and sugar added.  And I was a bit surprised at how well it held up to the milk, actually.  Bigelow's Spiced Chai (one of the only other bagged chai flavors I've tried) washed out straight away.  But this one did really well; I actually came back and added a bit more than what I'd started with.

In short:  Nice bagged chai.  If I didn't already have a box of chai in my cupboard, I'd go buy a box of this.


Type:  Black tea (Spiced)

Brewing Specifics:
-- 2 tea bags in a full 14 oz. mug
-- Pour boiling water in, cover, steep for 5 minutes
-- Remove tea bags
-- Add milk and sugar to taste