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Tea Reviews:
Tazo - Calm

I will say right now that, despite my love of herbal teas, I'm not a chamomile drinker.  Well, to be specific, it's not that I dislike chamomile; just that I don't ever drink it.  This is only the second one that I've ever tried.  The first was long enough ago that all I remember about it was that I didn't like it.

But, I got a gift basket of Tazo teas for Christmas, and Calm was included.  So, I decided to give it a shot.

I'm somewhat neutral on this tea.  The two main flavors I picked up were mint (somewhat mild), and what I assume is the chamomile.  (I can't think of anything to liken it to, so I won't try to describe it.)  And it was...okay.  I didn't have any trouble drinking the whole cup, but at the same time, I don't really see myself ever going for my teapot with a craving for this.  It was fairly good, though...if I was in the right mood, or if it was just what I had, I'd drink it again.  And I will say that if you like chamomile, you may be a bit more enthusiastic about this one than I was.

In short:  Decent chamomile tea.  Not something I'd go out of my way for, but nice nonetheless.


Type:  Herbal tea (Chamomile, flavored with mint)

Brewing Specifics:
-- 2 tea bags in a full 14 oz. mug
-- Pour boiling water in, cover, steep for 5 minutes
-- Remove tea bags
-- Add some sugar to taste