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Tea Reviews:
Starbucks - Shaken Black Tea

I love iced tea.  Always have.  But I'm a bit picky about it.  It's got to be sweet, and have a good tea flavor besides.

It actually took me a surprisingly long time to finally try Starbucks' iced black tea.  I've been drinking their iced green and passion teas for years.  But, I did finally get around to trying the black.

And it's good.  Really good.  On it's own, it's got that light, crisp quality of iced tea that I really love.  Plus, just a hint of a citrusy taste.  Lovely.

This tea is also really good with lemonade added.  I actually prefer it that way, because I really enjoy lemon in my tea.  But even without, it's really good.

In short:  Try this.  If you like iced tea at all, you'll probably like it.


Type:  Black tea

Ordering Specifics:
-- [Size] Shaken black tea
-- Sweetened
-- + Lemonade (sometimes)