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Tea Reviews:
Starbucks - London Fog Latte

This is an interesting drink.  It's made with Tazo's Earl Grey, milk, and vanilla syrup.  So basically, not too different from how I'd make it at home.

I like to tweak this one a bit when I order it.  I get a bit of extra syrup, because it's not quite sweet enough for my tastes.  And, unlike the other tea lattes (and heck, most black teas that I make in general!), I only steep this one for 3-4 minutes, rather than the usual 5.  To me, the bergamot flavor is just too strong when steeped longer, so I cut the time to reduce that.

It's not perfect, but I'm mostly happy with this drink.  When steeped for the shorter time, the flavor is milder, and therefore more to my taste.  I like the combination of milk and vanilla with the Earl Grey.

In short:  This isn't something I'd order all the time, but when the mood strikes me, it's rather nice.


Type:  Black tea (Flavored with bergamot and vanilla)

Ordering Specifics:
-- [Size] London Fog latte
-- + 1 extra pump of syrup
-- Steep for 3-4 minutes