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Starbucks - Hot Tea (General)

If you're in the mood for tea while you're out, Starbucks is a fairly good place to stop.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though.  For one, the water they give you is really hot.  I'm talking so hot that they can double-cup, and give you a sleeve, and it's still hard to carry.  Besides the discomfort, if you're wanting anything other than black or herbal tea, then you have to decide if you'd like your tea brewed that hot.  (I've made Tazo's Zen green tea with boiling water, and it came out fine.  But your mileage may vary.)

Another thing is that the selection of teas will vary from store to store.  I mean, they're all Tazo brand teas, and there are only so many of those, but still.

One thing that will make your tea-brewing experience much easier is a spoon.  You'll have to ask the barista for one, since they only have the stir-sticks at the condiment counter.  But they'll give you one if you ask.  This way, you can get your milk/sugar added much quicker.  If you just use the stir-stick, you have to wait for your tea to cool quite a bit before you can even taste it.  With the spoon, you can scoop up a little, blow on it, and taste.  Then adjust your additions as needed.  So much faster.

But which is better, getting hot tea or a tea latte?  Honestly, I'd rather just order hot tea, myself.  That way, I have control of the brewing.  It yields a better cup of tea that way, in my opinion.  Also, it has the added bonus of being cheaper.  But, that's just my preference.  Some people prefer the convenience of the tea latte.  So, try them and see what works best for you.

In short:  I often order hot tea at Starbucks.  As long as you ask for a spoon, it's nice and easy.


Type:  Any kind of tea

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