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Tea Reviews:
Starbucks - Chai Latte

I've been a chai drinker for years; long before I started on coffee, I'd order chai when my mother took me to a coffee shop.  So, it's an old favorite of mine.  Comfort in a cup.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite place to get chai.  It's so, so good.  Though, I will say, I don't care to order it exactly as it comes by default.  Their recipe calls for a mixture of half milk, half water, plus the chai concentrate.  To me, this tastes a bit watery.  So I order it with no water (meaning, they'll use all milk).  This makes the drink much creamier.  Though, it does make the spices taste a bit milder, so I also get an extra pump of chai concentrate added.  And, of course, I love whip cream.  (This is the one tea I put whip cream on, and it's so nice.)

In short:  Try this.  Even if you don't drink tea, try this!


Type:  Black tea (Spiced)

Ordering Specifics:
-- [Size] Chai latte
-- No water
-- + 1 extra pump of concentrate
-- + Whip cream