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Tea Reviews:
Celestial Seasonings - Raspberry Zinger

Ever since I started drinking tea as a child, I've been partial to fruity herbal teas.  I've been drinking this one for years now, and I don't expect to stop any time soon.

The tea is a gorgeous, deep red color, and it smells wonderful.  And, best of all, it's got a delightfully strong raspberry taste.  It doesn't taste like raspberry tea; it tastes like raspberries.  And that's it.  This is why I favor herbals over blacks when it comes to fruit teas; blacks never seem to capture the proper fruit flavor that I want. 

In short:  Quite possibly my favorite fruity herbal tea.  Highly recommended.


Type:  Herbal tea (Raspberry flavored)

Brewing Specifics:
-- 2 tea bags in a less-than-full 16ish oz. mug
-- Pour boiling water in, cover, steep for 5 minutes
-- Remove tea bags
-- Add some sugar to taste