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Tea Reviews:
Bigelow - Sweet Dreams

This is my second mint-chamomile blend.  I'm still not much of a chamomile person, but after trying Tazo's Calm, I figured that it'd at least be drinkable.

And it is.  It's not my favorite, and I tentatively favor the Calm, but this is a decent tea.  All I really tasted was the mint; I was reminded of mint gum/candy, to be honest.  I'm still deciding whether I like mint tea or not, so that's kind of an odd thing.

If you like mint tea, or chamomile for that matter, you may have better results than I did.  But still, I'd probably drink this again; I'd not buy a whole box, but I'll drink what came in my sampler tin.

In short:  Decent minty tea.  Nice and light.


Type:  Herbal tea (Chamomile, flavored with mint)

Brewing Specifics:
-- 2 tea bags in a full 14 oz. mug
-- Pour boiling water in, cover, steep for 5 minutes
-- Remove tea bags
-- Add some sugar to taste