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Tea Reviews:
Bigelow - Lemon Lift

I can truthfully say that this was one of the first teas that I ever drank, back when I was a child.  My Nonni always kept tea in the house, and she got me started drinking it; I can't even remember when, I was so small.  I specifically remember, though, that she often had a Bigelow sampler pack.  The packaging hasn't changed much since then; that's what stuck with me, rather than the brand name.  And out of that sampler, I specifically remember drinking Lemon Lift often.

Now, I'm much older, and still drinking tea.  I finally tracked down a Bigelow sampler.  (Had to go online, and ended up getting a huge tin rather than just a box!)  And Lemon Lift was one of the first ones I tried.

I really enjoyed this tea.  It's delightfully sweetly-spicy, though I didn't really pick up the lemon flavor.  But, this is probably because I'm used to strongly flavored fruit herbal teas.  Fruit flavored black teas seem to be a bit milder.  So, depending on what you usually drink, your results may vary.  But regardless, this is a very good tea.

In short:  Wonderful lightly spicy tea, and I highly recommend it.


Type:  Black tea (Flavored with lemon and spices)

Brewing Specifics:
-- 2 tea bags in a less-than-full 16ish oz. mug
-- Pour boiling water in, cover, steep for 5 minutes
-- Remove tea bags
-- Add some sugar to taste