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Welcome to SimpliciTEA, my tea site. I've been a tea drinker since I was a little girl, and I've recently started looking for more information about tea online...Only problem is, most of the tea sites out there now are geared toward hardcore tea purists; rare, imported loose tea, fancy pots, the whole nine yards.  What about the casual tea drinkers, I asked?  The people who drink supermarket tea, made without all the fancy tools?  Well...there's really not much out there for them.  Hence, SimpliciTEA was born. By sharing some tips on basic tea-making, as well as reviews on some common brands, I'm hoping I can show you that tea is actually a very simple thing.


New site~!  Yeah, I'm a tea lover, so this isn't that surprising.  As per usual, I look for something online, and, when I can't find it, I set out to make it myself.